The Two By Four:

The Two By Four is a low carb burger wrap delight. All you need areĀ 4 McDoubles, 1 piece of Flat Out flat breadĀ and the eye of the tiger.


  1. Strip the buns from your 4 McDoubles.
  2. Stack the burgers in 2 piles of 4, in the center of your flatbread.
  3. Fold the flatbread so the burgers are covered on three sides, leaving one edge uncovered.
  4. Man (or woman) up and enjoy!


The McChocberry:

The McChocberry is a Strawberry/Banana/Chocolate smoothie that you can easily order at any McDonalds, provided you say please.


  1. Order a strawberry/banana smoothie.
  2. Ask the kind cashier to place chocolate syrup into the blender, before they add the mix. You might get a look of confusion, at first, but you’ll end up with a delicious McChocberry.